How to improve communication with your child

Communication is one of the most very important elements for the development of your growing child. As a child develops they learn new words, learn to express their feelings, and emotions. They learn to build bridges of trust with you while valuing your advice and enjoying your conversations.

If your child is embarrassed, it will be important to start the conversation by expressing what you think about a topic. Then invite your child to express what they think about that topic too. This way, you know their interests, points of view, their concerns, their personality and the development of moral values.

It is essential to find a time to talk with your child. For example, if you have any activities to be carried out during the week, like going for a walk in the park, go to the library, go shopping, walking the dog, washing the car, and others, take advantage of these moment to initiate a conversation with your child.

In addition, it is also important to let them know you are listening attentively while watching them in the eye, leaving them time to finish their sentences. Repeat what you understand from your child to make sure you understood correctly.

Finally, try to express yourself without devaluing the points of view of your child. It will help their self-esteem. Even if you disagree, respect the point of view of your child. Do not speak in anger. Remember that children learn by example. Then, talk to your child rather than preach, criticize or hurt because it could break the bonds of trust, interest, communication and love.

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